Activity Guidelines

BITOAA is an association of traders working in the field of IT, OA, Electronic Survillance and Power Equipments. The main objective of our association is to establish / strengthen cordial business relations amongst its members and to use it as a platform to negotiate and enforce dealer centric business practices with Govt., OEM’s, ND’s and even Customers.

Now we are a ten year old organisation and with the learning from past we have matured. To further strengthen the association it is essential for the members to treat every member equally with due respect and space to seniority. It is also essential that members share this platform as a dealer in the same trade and not as business competitors / rivals. Though it is easier said than done, but it can be achieved if we operate with some Common Minimum Program.

The main challege we have been facing during past 10 years is to find a team of five members who will become FISTS together. To get over the “NOT MY JOB” syndrome amongst the governing coucil we are defininng the basic guidelines of the activities they have to perform during their tenure.

S.No Activity Responsibility
1 To establish healthy business enviornment amongst members. Governing Team
2 To maintain clean (True and Correct) database of Members Secretary
3 To manage Members Co-ordination Joint Secretary
4 To manage communication with members on Email Secretary
5 To form various Executive Cells as per the bye laws in consultation with Core Governing Team
6 To maintain accounts in Tally Treasurer
7 To maintain relevant and clean (True and Correct) database of OEM’s Vice President and Joint Secretary
8 To maintain relevant and clean (True and Correct) database of ND’s Vice President and Joint Secretary
9 To run Various sponsorship programs amongst OEM’s and ND’s President and Vice President
10 To ensure that all the OEM’s and ND activities shall take place in partnership with BITOAA. (Members Mandate to be generated First) Governing Team
11 To maintain dialogue with OEM’s, ND’s, Govt and Customers and to establish BITOAA partnership. President and Vice President
12 To represent BITOAA and members amongst various TRADE ORGANISATIONS like FICCI, CAIT etc. President and Vice President
13 To Organise 2 relevant Technical Seminars in a year. Governing Team
14 To Organise 1 relevant Financial Seminar in a year. Governing Team
15 To Organise 1 relevant Motivational Seminar in a year Governing Team
16 To organise Trade Exhibitioin (If the market conditions are favorable and members Co-operate) in a year. Governing Team
17 To Organise 4 GBMs in a year. Governing Team
18 To Organise our very popular Mel Milap in a year Governing Team
19 To Organise Cricket Match amongst Members and guests in a year Governing Team
20 To organise some social activity for our City in a year Governing Team


Members are required to come forward and share the responsibilities for better functioning of our association. As per our bye laws we govern our activities through governing council comprising of 5 members. President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the members and Vice President and Joint Secretary are nominated bye the member elects and Core Committee jointly.